Why you should go for a short domain name.

A user looking to visit your website uses a particular name in your address to locate it. This name is your domain name. Once purchased, it becomes the most important component to your online branding. Before deciding to go with a particular domain name, you have to ensure that it gives a hint of what your business is all about, what the name is and if possible, the location of your business.

Choosing a domain name is always not as easy as it would seem. It has to be distinct, memorable and has a good flow of words, if you want a good image and traffic for your website. Many utilize the use of SEO keyword to make them as short as possible and to have a good readership as well. Why go through all this trouble to have a short domain name? Here is why.

Advantages of a Short Domain Name

As opposed to being probably unavailable, especially if you weren’t unique in the choosing or because you are using common words associated with the business, short domain names, containing two or fewer words, still make the best.

Denotes exclusiveness, trust, and authority

Two-letter or three-letter domain names are among the most exclusive and expensive domains ever sold. They are made of acronyms or abbreviations, and they scream rarity and appeal. Companies will often buy these small domains because they sound more authoritative and reputable. Amidst thousands of small domains out there, having two letter domain combination gives your website an elite and professional feel.

Short domains are top tier names that people punch in their address bars in hopes of finding the best of what they are looking for. Unusual and needlessly long URLs are often flagged as spam sites. Short domain names convey authority and trust, and people will have confidence in checking them out.

Easy for referrals

When your website is excellent, and a customer likes it, there’s a likely hood that they will refer it to someone else. This is primarily why you had the website in the first place. A longer domain name, which is hard to remember, significantly reduces the chances of word-of-mouth referrals. They aren’t universal or brands that people will get to talk about, unlike the short domain competitors.

Short Domain names, even if people know nothing about what they mean, surprisingly get much traffic, and if you were to conduct a survey on how the customer knew of the existence of the company, you wouldn’t be baffled to learn that a friend or someone else referred them.

Easy to remember

The whole point of having a unique or having a domain name, in general, is to have the readers identify your website. When your URL is unnecessarily long, remembering it becomes hard for your potential customer. Short domain names, on the other hand, are easy to remember. They are also easy to type and spell, which is exactly what you want your subscribers to know.

Less typos

People often type more letters or typos in long domain names. Some mistakes in them are significantly more than in short names, which have fewer letters, are easy to remember and type, leading to fewer mistakes. Even though typos are honest mistakes, the effect is that in the end, your rating gradually decreases because of reducing traffic. It is imperative, therefore, that you make it easy for the customer to remember the whole address of your website.

Retain the Website’s Meaning

Sometimes in too many words, the meaning gets drowned. This is the same with domain names. Having a rather long URL may lose the purpose of your website. Concise domains, on the contrary, drives the point home and brands your site, making it unique, relevant and desired by many.


As any website has its logo, branding a short name is easy, allows for more space and good readership for people to remember. It doesn’t limit you where there are space constraints, or lose your traffic to competitors with short domain names because yours is short, precise, concise and perfect for them.

Mobile friendliness

Now that we have smartphones, people browse or check the available services or products using them. If your website has a short name, it is easy for them to remember and quickly search it. It gives good versatility and fits on the address bar perfectly. They offer no room for typo errors, as it isn’t easy to type using a phone, like it is using a laptop.

The bottom line is, having a short domain name has lots of benefits, if you are looking for professionalism, reputation, and good traffic. They are easy to remember, type and refer them to friends. Its advantages outweigh anything else as most; it works on making you achieve what you desire and make as much money as you have.